Open Ending

I’d rather cross a raging river
Have slimy snails for lunch and dinner
I’d rather walk through nails, hot coal
Pour salt into an open, bloody wound

I could fill a book with things I’d rather do
Than trust my deepest pride with you
Watch you smother it in your hand
Until there’s nothing left but dust and sand

You hit me like a hurricane
Your kisses drove me half insane
You told me your story, I liked what I heard
You lit up my fire, then watched as I burned

I’ll admit it, okay, you were raw and wild and free
And truly more impulsive than I’ll ever really be
But also oh so fucking young and fucking immature
At first I thought you were smart, now I’m really not so sure

I wish I could throw us ever meeting up
Get the poison out, make this feeling stop
I didn’t show me at my best, but trust me
The real me would pass any test

We ended like a crappy movie
It wasn’t happy, it wasn’t groovy
Who knows what happened or what we learned
Now the candle is cold and the flame won’t burn

It is currently chewing me up from inside
So in order to regain some peace in my mind
I truly wish you all of the best
Let’s put this open ending to a final rest.


© Emma Jøsok 2016

Me & You

I’ve had enough of this
I’m fed up with this dish
It’s time for all of you to show some respect
Stop acting like the world has really, really bad breath

It’s time for me to make a change
Kindness has gotten me nothing but pain
Am I the last good person standing?
Where the hell are the rest of you lying?

What does it take to get a smile?
Some kind words
An open mind
It’s not even worth a try!
Look, there’s yet another douchebag,
Just passing by

Me, me, me, me
Shut the hell up!
The universe does not revolve around you
You ignorant little duck

Me, me, me, me
Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!
I hope you forget your umbrella on a rainy day
HAHA, your hair will get wet

I’ve been a good person all my life
But no one has ever rewarded my style
Nerd, wimp – innocent boring little good girl
Fuck that, I’m done with you all
It’s time I started saying the things
I’ve been wanting to say all along

Me, me, me, me
Shuuuut up.
I hope when you drink your morning milk
It‘ll be all sour and lumpy and stuff
Haha. That’s real disgusting
And you just drank it all, there’s nothing left.

Me, me, me, me
We get it – it’s all about you!
Tell me, how has your day been?
I’m dying to know – what did you do? 

You are a bunch of sad individuals
Within a species that has lost its pride
So focused on how your appearance is like
You forgot you have something inside

My hatred has grown for you all
You are rude
You are mean
And your shirt does not go with that tie
I’d tell you to smile
But it really hasn’t helped me either
So why the fuck even try

Me, me, me, me
Aren’t you all sick of the sound of that too?
I think it’s high time we all started focusing
A whole lot more about you.


© Emma Jøsok 2017


You’re just as flawed as I am
You’re just able to hide it better
I’m done hiding
I wear my zits with pride and use my body odour like you do Dior
We’re all imperfect mortal souls who want it all
Food, sex, love, intellectual and spiritual fulfilment
We wanna feel like we’re the main character in this nonsense life musical
And who’s to say we can’t be just that?
Run around the stage freely like uncontrollable cats
That’s what I’m gonna do, and I dare you all to stop me
When the audience starts clapping I’ll leave the building
You’ll wonder where the star went
I’ll be way up above you looking down with an arrogant grin
Knowing no one will ever reach me
I’ll be attached to the night sky, up where no one has ever been

I don’t care what happens
I don’t care who tries to stop me
I’d rather die than live like most of you do,
What are you all so afraid of?
Of losing?
Of dying?
Of being the joke at Matthew’s on Friday?
Let ‘em laugh, and do whatever the fuck you wanna do
Soon we’ll all be dead and no one will even remember you

I’m not saying this shit to make you underachieve
Thinking man fuck it, the couch is the place to be
Because if you really knew yourself you’d know that won’t make you happy
To lie around all day getting fat and totally flappy
Stop staying put in your place waiting for life to happen
And slowly start improving upon your crappy situation
No one is gonna carry you to win that goddamn trophy
So get off your ass and start wiping it yourself
It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, don’t expect the world to help
But if you don’t feel like it, what the hell do I care?
I’ve got my own life to live, your happiness is in your own hands
I don’t have time for this, I’m out of here, but don’t mope
If you ever wanna see me again, go acquire yourself a telescope.


© Emma Jøsok 2017


I’m incurably attracted to darkness
Preferably covered by light

I do not fear it
I thrive on the excitement of not knowing

There are surprises hidden in every shadow
And when my eyes slowly start to adjust
Nothing is what I thought it would be


© Emma Jøsok 2016

Half full, half empty

I tried to pull something from my lungs
But her words flushed mine back down again
I couldn’t find any that seemed to fit
Like trying to attach flat bricks to a 3D-puzzle

Her life put next to mine was like
A tsunami hitting a silent shore
I didn’t know how to deal with it
I still don’t

All I can do is sit back and wait
Wait for her water to rise
Her face is calm. Secure. Happy?
There must be a storm coming

I think I might be able to help her
I know that she can help me
Her glass is filled to the brim
Mine is almost empty


© Emma Jøsok 2016

Let’s Crash

What can I say about you
You exciting, spontaneous being
You fill me up to my rooftop
Then squeeze me out of my chimney

I wanted to open a new book
Wanted to enter a story
And all of a sudden I’m falling
Through the unstable floor of your ceiling

I’m headed for coming disasters
Running towards you, wild stranger
Fearless, I’m diving into you
Yearning for terror and pleasure

I’m up for all that you offer
I want to smell it and taste it
Then I will lick off my fingers
Still hungry for more of your danger

You care so much and so little
It is fascinating to witness
Nothing with you is a sure thing
And I’m a sucker for gambling

I know that this is a high risk
Know that I’ll probably lose it
I just don’t care; it is worth the nerves
Just to feel this good for a minute

I jump right into your whirlpool
Letting it suck me downwards
An abyss of great satisfaction
Ending in demonized torture

Although it leaves me in horror
I want a new repetition
Want it to rip me apart yet again
Addicted to being your victim

I tried to withhold my balance
But love is all about falling
Enjoying the speed while we’re racing
Letting the crash make us harder

© Emma Jøsok 2016