I’m leaving

The world is a popularity contest
We wonder why there is war
We wonder why the news is full of shit
Well guess what, there is a lot of shit in the world

I used to wonder – when did people stop valuing goodness?
But now I realize that most people just aren’t good
They want to be liked, no matter what it takes
And people like shit. Not morality. Not justice. Just shit.

They like celebrity news
They like petty conflicts where they can judge either side
They like easy answers
When there are only difficult truths

People keep repeating
The same goddamn mistakes
Does no one ever learn from history?
It’s so obvious for God’s sakes

My words are useless
Because no one wants to hear
I’d rather be outside of everything
Than part of a world who doesn’t seem to care


© Emma Jøsok 2015

4 thoughts on “I’m leaving

  1. Life is evolving. I’m not sure toward what, but it is evolving. The world is funny like this. If you say there is no love in the world, you can change that by loving someone.


  2. Your writing is incredible, and so true. I hope you really don’t feel that your words are useless; they’ve had a great impact on me. Please keep sharing your thoughts.


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