I’ve started again
A new beginning, a new way
Anything can happen
I’m ready for a brand new day

I’m on a plane, watching the night skies
The pink and the blue turns into tears in my eyes
I sit there alone and I cry
The first tears I have shed in such a long time
Tears of overfilled bliss from inside

Oh, this is life
This is what I’ve been missing all this time
I went out looking for meaning
Now I find it all around

I see a truck on the road
And think of the hours away from home
And the drivers lonesome thoughts whilst all alone

I see a boy in tears
And think of the joy that will rise from his sorrow
Maybe he’ll find laughter tomorrow

There is meaning in all
There is meaning all around
Adjust your eyes
And maybe you will see what I have found

The love is overwhelming
It hits my heart so hard
I cry because I feel too much
I always have been weak for such

If you’re searching for meaning
Searching for the truth
You will never find it
You have to let it find you


© Emma Jøsok 2015

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