Guiding you home

For so long I was trapped in a hole,
I thought there was no way out, I had no control.
The walls were so slippery and wet,
I thought it was my destiny to never get back.

I looked up and saw the sun far above,
But its light seemed dark, and its warmth felt cold.
Life had never been that lonesome and hollow,
It was like all colours had been brutally swallowed.

But then I started to crawl and claw,
I swear it was the most intense sight you ever saw.
After a while I found grip in the mud,
I was determined to have my own grave undug.

I started to pull myself towards the bliss,
Out of that hellseeking, sinking abyss.
Halfway up, I turned and looked down below,
And swore that was the lowest point I would ever know.

I rolled over the edge and looked at the skies,
And saw love itself dressed in yellow disguise.
The sky had never worn a deeper blue,
And my love for the smallest thing grew bigger than anything I ever knew.

So listen to me if you’re lonely and scared,
And it seems like you’re the only one struggling out there:
Life will always be filled with wonders above.
When you’re ready to see it, I’ll be here,
Guiding you home.


© Emma Jøsok 2015

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