Get out of me tears

I don’t know what’s going on
It’s making me so scared
My head is like a teapot
I need to let out some air

Out you go little raindrops
There’s no room for you here anymore
You’re growing too strong and too numbered
My heart can’t take it any longer

I don’t know where you came from
Or why you’re doing this to me
If only you could talk to me
I guess no words like that exist

I’m on a road uncertain
A destination so unclear
Take me to my destiny
Rip the bandaid off

If only there were answers
To match these flying questions
I guess I’ll leave them hanging
To see which of them matter

Some days I wish I were
A so much simpler being
A seagull or a goldfish
Who doesn’t have to know things

Bliss is for not knowing
Depression for not let-going
I have to know the truth of it
If only there were beauty in it

Take me out of here
Out of my thinking mind
Let me live more freely
And only see the divine


© Emma Jøsok 2015

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