The peak of life

She was going to pursue her life until it was captured in her arms,
Only so that she could set it free again.
Because life felt best when it was running and she could chase after it.

Those brief moments with life safely in her arms were precious as well.
Their only flaw was the fact that they indeed were brief.
Caging a bird won’t make you fly.
Freeing one might.

She was going to embrace every stage, every twist and turn.
Feel the thrill of the breathtaking view from the tops, and the beauty in the down slopes of the hills.
Without measuring them as either good or bad,
But rather as dear moments of valuable time she would never regain.

Life was there to be lived.
Nothing happening tomorrow was more important than what was happening today.
This very moment, just as precious as the next.
Every breath she drew was going to be the peak of her life.


© Emma Jøsok 2015

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