Travel Monster

For every ticket I bought,
Every train I caught,
Every plane that I boarded,
I felt stronger.

It was as if I was some kind of travel monster,
Who grew bigger and bolder with every journey it feasted on.

I challenged myself a little more every time,
And every time things had a way of working themselves out.
When they did, I rose higher up from the ground level of where I
Previously used to eat, work and sleep.

Soon, more and more of what once seemed incomprehensible,
Crawled beneath me like tiny little insects.
I barely even noticed them anymore, because of the bright, white clouds
Swirling around my head,
And the feel of the increasingly intense sun
Tickling my skin.

The tale of my life that I had been dying to tell for as long as I could remember,
Was finally ready to be put into ink.
I couldn’t stop writing.

Every time I saw a new place,
Every time I met a new person who told me their story,
My insight into existence expanded,
If only a slight.

I was determined to see everything,
From the mere surface,
To the darkest holes of the light consuming deep,
Where no man nor woman had ever set foot.

It was a pleasure beyond belief
Looking into a new pair of eyes I knew had seen things I had yet to understand,
Like drowning in a pool of wonders,
And I knew they felt just as refreshed looking into mine.

But just as I thought I had it all under control,
There was an unexpected twist.
It left me standing breathless on the sidewalk,
Gasping for air,
Trying to take it in all at once.

Failing to do so, I sat down on the cold ground in the chaotic city.
I felt a gentle breeze approaching from my left.
The big city noise transformed into a soothing symphony in my head,
And a vague scent of flowers danced towards my nostrils,
Painting everything purple.

For a little while I sat there by myself in the crowded street,
Paying attention to nothing but how the world stimulated my senses.
No thoughts passed through my mind.
There was nothing I needed, nothing to do.
For a few moments, I just was.

For a few moments,
I understood everything.


© Emma Jøsok 2015

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