Fire & Frost

Imagine a world without hatred
A world without pain, without loss
Where we all lived shielded from shadows
And no one thought heinous thoughts

No one would suffer from hunger
No one were thirsty or sick
Nobody lost any loved ones
No worries or heartbreak, just bliss

I try to imagine this picture
To see it, to feel how it feels
To always live safe and protected
Be happy and peaceful and free

But as I take a step closer
I notice the glass has a crack
It rips this whole imagery open
And I realize there is also a back

Which joys would we gain from the sunshine
If it was never interrupted by rain?
Would we treasure the beauty of daytime
If the night never hid it away?

Would we taste the delight of a glorious meal
If we were constantly full and content?
Would water be flowing so wondrously down
If our thirst never drove us to drink?

Sometimes we get hit by a bad spell
It is blasting us, tearing us up
We long back to an easier level
Where the game didn’t play us so rough

Hold on to this feeling of longing
Be thankful when it’s pushing you down
Feel joy when it’s making you suffer
As it’s burning you down to the ground

One day you will rise from your ashes
You will warm up and burst into flames
And erupt in the heat of the moment
A mighty volcano awakes

There is no life without dying
There is no love that cannot be lost
The warmth of a wonderful fire
Is worthless if you never knew frost

© Emma Jøsok 2016

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