How to live life: The manual

Do not seek a manual for how to live life.
Other people might have had similar experiences,
But they will never be exactly the same as yours.
They can only ever be generalizations of similar circumstances.
Not identical.

It can be about work.
It can be about passion.
It can be about food.
About art.
About love.
It can be anything.
There is no right way.
There are thousands of them

Listen to advice, but always run it through your own system,
Your own common sense.
Choose the path that seems right for you.
Maybe things don’t turn out the way you want them to,
But if you didn’t know, nobody could.
Trust your own judgement first.

If you truly want something, do whatever you can to get it.
Don’t give up because it gets hard.
Don’t give up because there are obstacles.
Give it your fullest and most sincere attempt.
If it still doesn’t work, you can at least go to bed with a calm, fulfilled mind,
Because you know you gave it all that you had,
It just wasn’t meant to be.

To sleep peacefully at night, is how you know you are living life without regrets.
Regrets are what keeps us up.
Regrets are what haunts us at night.
Regret is that feeling in your stomach that twists everything around and makes you feel like garbage.
It makes you feel like a total failure.
It makes you feel unworthy, unloved and incomplete.

Do everything in your power to make life true to your own desires,
And never let anyone tell you that desire doesn’t matter.
That desire is just a feeling.
That desire will pass.
Because without desire, life is void of colours.
It is void of meaning.
It is empty.

Desire is what fills you up.
It makes you warm,
It makes you sweat,
It makes you smile and laugh and cry,
And it feels so damn good.
Follow desire to the end of the world and back if you have to.
It’s what makes it all worth it.


© Emma Jøsok 2016

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