Let’s Crash

What can I say about you
You exciting, spontaneous being
You fill me up to my rooftop
Then squeeze me out of my chimney

I wanted to open a new book
Wanted to enter a story
And all of a sudden I’m falling
Through the unstable floor of your ceiling

I’m headed for coming disasters
Running towards you, wild stranger
Fearless, I’m diving into you
Yearning for terror and pleasure

I’m up for all that you offer
I want to smell it and taste it
Then I will lick off my fingers
Still hungry for more of your danger

You care so much and so little
It is fascinating to witness
Nothing with you is a sure thing
And I’m a sucker for gambling

I know that this is a high risk
Know that I’ll probably lose it
I just don’t care; it is worth the nerves
Just to feel this good for a minute

I jump right into your whirlpool
Letting it suck me downwards
An abyss of great satisfaction
Ending in demonized torture

Although it leaves me in horror
I want a new repetition
Want it to rip me apart yet again
Addicted to being your victim

I tried to withhold my balance
But love is all about falling
Enjoying the speed while we’re racing
Letting the crash make us harder

© Emma Jøsok 2016

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