You’re just as flawed as I am
You’re just able to hide it better
I’m done hiding
I wear my zits with pride and use my body odour like you do Dior
We’re all imperfect mortal souls who want it all
Food, sex, love, intellectual and spiritual fulfilment
We wanna feel like we’re the main character in this nonsense life musical
And who’s to say we can’t be just that?
Run around the stage freely like uncontrollable cats
That’s what I’m gonna do, and I dare you all to stop me
When the audience starts clapping I’ll leave the building
You’ll wonder where the star went
I’ll be way up above you looking down with an arrogant grin
Knowing no one will ever reach me
I’ll be attached to the night sky, up where no one has ever been

I don’t care what happens
I don’t care who tries to stop me
I’d rather die than live like most of you do,
What are you all so afraid of?
Of losing?
Of dying?
Of being the joke at Matthew’s on Friday?
Let ‘em laugh, and do whatever the fuck you wanna do
Soon we’ll all be dead and no one will even remember you

I’m not saying this shit to make you underachieve
Thinking man fuck it, the couch is the place to be
Because if you really knew yourself you’d know that won’t make you happy
To lie around all day getting fat and totally flappy
Stop staying put in your place waiting for life to happen
And slowly start improving upon your crappy situation
No one is gonna carry you to win that goddamn trophy
So get off your ass and start wiping it yourself
It’s time to take responsibility for yourself, don’t expect the world to help
But if you don’t feel like it, what the hell do I care?
I’ve got my own life to live, your happiness is in your own hands
I don’t have time for this, I’m out of here, but don’t mope
If you ever wanna see me again, go acquire yourself a telescope.


© Emma Jøsok 2017

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