Me & You

I’ve had enough of this
I’m fed up with this dish
It’s time for all of you to show some respect
Stop acting like the world has really, really bad breath

It’s time for me to make a change
Kindness has gotten me nothing but pain
Am I the last good person standing?
Where the hell are the rest of you lying?

What does it take to get a smile?
Some kind words
An open mind
It’s not even worth a try!
Look, there’s yet another douchebag,
Just passing by

Me, me, me, me
Shut the hell up!
The universe does not revolve around you
You ignorant little duck

Me, me, me, me
Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!
I hope you forget your umbrella on a rainy day
HAHA, your hair will get wet

I’ve been a good person all my life
But no one has ever rewarded my style
Nerd, wimp – innocent boring little good girl
Fuck that, I’m done with you all
It’s time I started saying the things
I’ve been wanting to say all along

Me, me, me, me
Shuuuut up.
I hope when you drink your morning milk
It‘ll be all sour and lumpy and stuff
Haha. That’s real disgusting
And you just drank it all, there’s nothing left.

Me, me, me, me
We get it – it’s all about you!
Tell me, how has your day been?
I’m dying to know – what did you do? 

You are a bunch of sad individuals
Within a species that has lost its pride
So focused on how your appearance is like
You forgot you have something inside

My hatred has grown for you all
You are rude
You are mean
And your shirt does not go with that tie
I’d tell you to smile
But it really hasn’t helped me either
So why the fuck even try

Me, me, me, me
Aren’t you all sick of the sound of that too?
I think it’s high time we all started focusing
A whole lot more about you.


© Emma Jøsok 2017

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