Open Ending

I’d rather cross a raging river
Have slimy snails for lunch and dinner
I’d rather walk through nails, hot coal
Pour salt into an open, bloody wound

I could fill a book with things I’d rather do
Than trust my deepest pride with you
Watch you smother it in your hand
Until there’s nothing left but dust and sand

You hit me like a hurricane
Your kisses drove me half insane
You told me your story, I liked what I heard
You lit up my fire, then watched as I burned

I’ll admit it, okay, you were raw and wild and free
And truly more impulsive than I’ll ever really be
But also oh so fucking young and fucking immature
At first I thought you were smart, now I’m really not so sure

I wish I could throw us ever meeting up
Get the poison out, make this feeling stop
I didn’t show me at my best, but trust me
The real me would pass any test

We ended like a crappy movie
It wasn’t happy, it wasn’t groovy
Who knows what happened or what we learned
Now the candle is cold and the flame won’t burn

It is currently chewing me up from inside
So in order to regain some peace in my mind
I truly wish you all of the best
Let’s put this open ending to a final rest.


© Emma Jøsok 2016

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