The Tongue Twisting Truth

I don’t know what life is all about.
I don’t know what to expect or who to believe;
People who say it’s a big disappointment
Or people who say it’s a beautiful fairytale

What I really think is that it’s all about how you look at it,
You can look at life like it’s a piece of shit
This miserable thing you have to get through and be done with
And it will be just that.

Or, you can look towards the future,
Expect tremendous things
And be disappointed because nothing turned out the way you planned

A third way to look at life
Is to think of every day as if it’s an opportunity to be happy.
An opportunity to make the best out of every little thing.

If you go around and expect that something amazing is going to happen all the time
You will be disappointed when it doesn’t
And simply indifferent when it does.

You have to appreciate everything
Expect nothing
And be grateful for the opportunities that you get
Because it isn’t given that you get them

It’s very simple
The ultimate hack:
If you love life,
Life will love you back.

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