I’m incurably attracted to darkness
Preferably covered by light

I do not fear it
I thrive on the excitement of not knowing

There are surprises hidden in every shadow
And when my eyes slowly start to adjust
Nothing is what I thought it would be


© Emma Jøsok 2016

Half full, half empty

I tried to pull something from my lungs
But her words flushed mine back down again
I couldn’t find any that seemed to fit
Like trying to attach flat bricks to a 3D-puzzle

Her life put next to mine was like
A tsunami hitting a silent shore
I didn’t know how to deal with it
I still don’t

All I can do is sit back and wait
Wait for her water to rise
Her face is calm. Secure. Happy?
There must be a storm coming

I think I might be able to help her
I know that she can help me
Her glass is filled to the brim
Mine is almost empty


© Emma Jøsok 2016

Let’s Crash

What can I say about you
You exciting, spontaneous being
You fill me up to my rooftop
Then squeeze me out of my chimney

I wanted to open a new book
Wanted to enter a story
And all of a sudden I’m falling
Through the unstable floor of your ceiling

I’m headed for coming disasters
Running towards you, wild stranger
Fearless, I’m diving into you
Yearning for terror and pleasure

I’m up for all that you offer
I want to smell it and taste it
Then I will lick off my fingers
Still hungry for more of your danger

You care so much and so little
It is fascinating to witness
Nothing with you is a sure thing
And I’m a sucker for gambling

I know that this is a high risk
Know that I’ll probably lose it
I just don’t care; it is worth the nerves
Just to feel this good for a minute

I jump right into your whirlpool
Letting it suck me downwards
An abyss of great satisfaction
Ending in demonized torture

Although it leaves me in horror
I want a new repetition
Want it to rip me apart yet again
Addicted to being your victim

I tried to withhold my balance
But love is all about falling
Enjoying the speed while we’re racing
Letting the crash make us harder

© Emma Jøsok 2016


Who would ask the man on the ground,
Or the woman with purple hair?
Who asks the ones who never get heard?
Nobody asks, because nobody cares.

To all of you who we call our leaders,
Which route did you take to the top?
Did your holiness fly you there,
Or did you step on a stairway of bones?

How is the view from the clouds, good sir?
Can you see all of your fields of gold?
So high up you see all of the sea,
But do you still see a single drop?

Who would choose to be a peasant,
If it was in their power to be king?
Who would choose a single straw,
Over a functioning mill?

Knowledge is measured in money,
Not by all that is known,
But what knowledge does money have,
About your soon-to-be mouldering soul


© Emma Jøsok 2016

Flowing River

Where do I go from here?
No one has paved the way
The time has come for me
To step into undiscovered fields

Wasn’t this what I always wanted?
The adventure of the free and open
Gather up my guts and courage
Prepare for things I can’t prepare for

Could this be the beginning?
The beginning of the ending
The beginning of my being
Fulfilment or declining

Am I a drop in the ocean?
A tree in the forest?
Sand dust in the desert
A spot on a leopard

Let me be a flowing river
A raging tower
A dune of power
Hear me roar with all my glory
I’m not here to simply survive

I’m ready for the moment
The point of no return
I’m here to show it all
To let my insides burn

I’m a flowing river
A raging tower
A dune of power
Hear me roar with all my glory
I’m not here to simply survive


© Emma Jøsok 2016

How to live life: The manual

Do not seek a manual for how to live life.
Other people might have had similar experiences,
But they will never be exactly the same as yours.
They can only ever be generalizations of similar circumstances.
Not identical.

It can be about work.
It can be about passion.
It can be about food.
About art.
About love.
It can be anything.
There is no right way.
There are thousands of them

Listen to advice, but always run it through your own system,
Your own common sense.
Choose the path that seems right for you.
Maybe things don’t turn out the way you want them to,
But if you didn’t know, nobody could.
Trust your own judgement first.

If you truly want something, do whatever you can to get it.
Don’t give up because it gets hard.
Don’t give up because there are obstacles.
Give it your fullest and most sincere attempt.
If it still doesn’t work, you can at least go to bed with a calm, fulfilled mind,
Because you know you gave it all that you had,
It just wasn’t meant to be.

To sleep peacefully at night, is how you know you are living life without regrets.
Regrets are what keeps us up.
Regrets are what haunts us at night.
Regret is that feeling in your stomach that twists everything around and makes you feel like garbage.
It makes you feel like a total failure.
It makes you feel unworthy, unloved and incomplete.

Do everything in your power to make life true to your own desires,
And never let anyone tell you that desire doesn’t matter.
That desire is just a feeling.
That desire will pass.
Because without desire, life is void of colours.
It is void of meaning.
It is empty.

Desire is what fills you up.
It makes you warm,
It makes you sweat,
It makes you smile and laugh and cry,
And it feels so damn good.
Follow desire to the end of the world and back if you have to.
It’s what makes it all worth it.


© Emma Jøsok 2016


Tick tock, tick tock
Night in, day out
The carousel
Never stops

Straight lines
Cage my mind
Who took the twists?
Where are the turns?

Round and round
Repeating time
Apollo got me
All tied down

Go round Mary
Round and round
‘Till death do you apart

Down the rabbit hole we go
Quick, get out!
Out of the box
Off the road

And into the wild

Go round Mary
Round and round
‘Till death do you apart

Crazy hatters
Smiles with cats
And hats with smiles
Please, let me live
In a 5-year-old’s mind

Go round Mary
Round and round
If you jump off
You might never come down


© Emma Jøsok 2016